Are you getting the marketing results you need?

Dana Cadman marketing

More importantly, are you meeting your sales objectives?


If not, you probably redesigned your web site, printed a new brochure, or launched a social media campaign to boost your marketing.


Did that work? Did it produce the results you wanted?


Most organizations lack the experience, training, and objectivity needed to see the deeper problems in their marketing. That’s where I can help you.


I’m Dana Cadman, a marketing consultant, trainer, and author. I will review your marketing efforts, identify the gaps, then help you go after the “low-hanging fruit” to produce immediate, measurable results. After that, I will review your entire marketing plan to ensure it is as effective and efficient as possible.


In addition to helping you find and solve your marketing problems, I will show you how to solve them for yourself. I want to see all of my clients successfully manage their own marketing and outreach campaigns. Therefore, I will provide you with the strategies and insights you will need to find and fix some of the most common marketing problems facing organizations like yours.


Call or write me today for your FREE consultation so we can get your marketing headed in the right direction.