Are you hitting your marketing target?

Do you know what your marketing target is? Or what it should be?


Even if you increase traffic to your web site and sales or donations, are you increasing them enough? Taking measurements of your marketing efforts – and knowing what to measure – can be the difference between treading water and pulling ahead. That’s why you need marketing analytics.


Marketing analytics is an often overlooked part of a continuous marketing loop. Analytics can help you identify which marketing channels to adjust, which team members to train, and which marketing processes to improve.

analytics marketing

Even when organizations do collect interaction data, they often lack the training and experience to know what data to collect and how to analyze it. That’s where I can help.


I am certified in Google Analytics, I have training and experience in improving business processes, and I have a degree in mathematics. I can use this training and experience to help you find the opportunities in your marketing data. Here is what my clients have said about my analytical skills:


“Dana increased our social media following more than 70% a year – four years in a row!” – executive vice president, nonprofit organization


“He improved our first-time application acceptance rate from 25% to 80% in three months” – department manager, insurance company


“Dana reduced the time it took us to respond to an RFP from four days to one” – department manager, IT leasing company


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Tools Comparison

There are many web-based tools available to help you track your social media efforts. Download our comparison chart to help you begin improving your social media reach.

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